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Neil Holton Japanese Art


Neil began antique dealing in 1999, at first buying and selling general objects.

Neil Holton

Neil says "My favourite part of my job is the friends you make. Myself and Petra Dorman on a museum visit 2016."

Then on a visit to an auction house in Southgate North London only a few miles away from where Neil grew up he encountered a group of Netsuke. Knowing only that they were Japanese and should have holes for a cord.

He purchased the group on a Monday and by Saturday he’d sold four to other specialist dealers at Angel Antiques Market and Portobello Road Market. He kept one from the group and still has it to this day.

It was love at first sight for Neil, ever since Neil has travelled the world in search of Netsuke and been lucky enough to visit many famous collections in both Museums and Private hands. 20 years on, his passion for the miniature arts of Japan has never wained, in fact it grows day by day. Questioning who was this Netsuke made by, or what region does it come from or especially what does the Netsuke mean are thoughts that literally never leave his mind.

Neil is happily obsessed with these arts and the people that made them, indeed Neil’s reverence for the Japanese people and the Edo and Meiji periods culture which shaped the creation of these art forms evolves with each new acquisition.

What Neil offers to collectors of miniature Japanese arts is perhaps summed up best by one of his customers.