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Neil Holton Japanese Art


A stag-antler otoshizutsu. Carved with a Dragon emerging from a cloud bank, in fact, the beast and clouds are entwined, the two are almost one and the same.

Full of movement and dynamism the wingless beast seems absolutely at home in this mysterious and vaporous world. At the top of the case is a Tomo-e which can be a symbol for water and a talisman against fire (hence used on roof tiles) which the dragon appears to be roaring at. One imagines the beast requires clouds to land upon between traveling the skies.

Two artists, Ryusai & Gyokumin are possible creators of this work. Both were marvellous artists that worked much in the manner of Kokusai. Many works that bear the trademark seal for Koku I believe are by these two artists rather than Kokusai. No such debate exists here, our work is anonymous.

Asakusa. Last half of the 19th Century.

Guide Price - £950

21cm High