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Neil Holton Japanese Art


An unusual stag-antler senryuzutsu carved in the form of a Japanese male.

Dressed in a coat decorated with waves and birds in flight, the sleeves with roman key design. His fists are brought together slightly to the left of centre of his body. The gap between the curled fingers creating the channel for the cord.

The face, ears and hairdo is quite remarkably carved taking into account the difficulty and hardness of antler. Though all the details are accurately portrayed, even the hands, wrists and forearms exhibit a level of execution superior in accuracy than is normal. Indeed I think I would recognise this fellow if I was to meet him, in this sense our senryuzutsu is like an upper body portrait.

Anonymous. A suggestion might be Gyokumin from Asakusa. Last half of the 19th Century.

Provenance. Ex: Simms Collection. Thaxted. England.

Guide Price - £1,650