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Neil Holton Japanese Art


A stag antler figure of a Kitsune, the familiar changeling captured between the animal-human forms. The head of the fox turned to the ground, her expression a contented smile.

Her body is covered in loose gown, similar to a monks. The head and shoulder area covered in a type of nuns habit. She clutches a bamboo cane which should extend to the ground and meet her foot which is covered by socks, though mid part of the staff is lost.

The softness of the carving technique coupled with the contrast between the different types of dress has formed a beautiful tactile netsuke. The material warmed with age.

Anonymous: Osaka School. First half of the 19th Century, perhaps older.

Similar Ivory Example: Gould Collection. Number 125. Sotheby’s, The Madeline Hickmott Collection. Lot 98. SL Moss. More things in heaven and earth. Number 36.

Guide Price - SOLD

4.6cm High