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Neil Holton Japanese Art

Lunar Hare

Mitsuhiro was an artist in every sense of the word.

Experimental and diverse, this great artist never limited himself to the singular in anything. In fact, a great line by Mr Raymond Bushell sums up the very concept Mitsuhiro stood for. ‘Repetition is the dilution of art’.

Our stylised lunar hare encompasses these ideals. Created from the glorious tusk of the Narwhal. Devoid of any unnecessary fussiness, it represents a concept that the Japanese are known worldwide for, simple beauty! Caress the underside, gentle spirals (natural shape of the tusk) can be felt, though this feature is invisible to the eye, quite naturally the eye is drawn to the signature, which in Netsuke-art is as pleasing as any other calligraphy I have encountered.

Eyes are inlaid in perhaps umimatsu and the ivory has acquired through no doubt careful ownership the most wonderful of glassy finishes.

For a similar example by Mitsusada. Please see; SL Moss. Outside the Box. Number 43.

Guide Price - £18,500