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Neil Holton Japanese Art

Nursing female

An early ivory figure of a nursing mother. Laying down gently caressing her infant who is dressed in a fine robe. The female wearing a gown, opened at the chest and exposing her breast.

This fine figure group, judging by its age indicators hails from an early time within Netsuke history. Perhaps slightly prior to the 'Golden Age' though not much before.

This period represents the cusp between Netsuke gripping onto the influence from China and forming a firm Japanese identity. Due to merchants making up the majority of the populous, Osaka plays a major role during this period in the Netsuke story and one studio was at its core.

Famed for the standing and laying monkey trainer, the studio went by the name of Insai, though finding a work with this name is just about unheard of, endorsing simply put, was just not done at this early stage.

Guide Price - £5,000

7cm High